• Super Cutting-Edge Midterm Election Blog Technology: The Extendanator 2000

    Tired of blog posts that make you scroll through page after page of uninterrupted text? Good news! The Indecision blog is pioneering a new technology for this year's midterm coverage. that lets you choose whether to read the whole post, or just a few introductory paragraphs that kind of give you the basic idea.

    For example, maybe you're done reading right now. Okay. That's cool. We understand you have stuff to do. But what if you're not a sucky, quitter loser? Simply click the Extendanator 2000 link below, and…

    BAM! More blog post!

    You won't see anything like that on RedState, that's for sure.

    We'll be applying the Extendanator 2000 to blog posts throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back in with us. Also, we're going to be writing about politics a little too, which you might be interested in too.

    Tags: Election Day, Midterms, Red State, Science & Technology


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