• Good Night and Try Not to Jump Off a Bridge in Your Sleep Tonight

    Well, that sure was an election night, wasn't it? There's still a lot of elections left to call, but something tells me people will still be talking about them tomorrow. And Next week. And next month. And next year. But not the year after that, because that year will be 2012 and we'll all have been killed by ancient Mayans that year. Thank God!

    One thing that you can feel good about: Almost every single person elected to office this year is a human being. That's something! No ibexes or sperm whales for my legislative branch! Nossiree!

    Anyway, we're going to sleep now. We suggest you do the same. Because why not? Sleep is nice. Even Republicans will agree with that. (Unless a Democrat writes it into a bill.)

    Thanks for watching the election along with us. See you tomorrow.

    Tags: Election Day, Liveblog


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