• My Favorite Election Night Moment: Michele Bachmann's Dead-Eyed Zombie Conversation with Chris Matthews

    And, so, the Republicans take back the House of Representatives. That formerly august institution, which the Democrats have been running into the ground lo these many four years, is finally back under the charge of the Grand Old Party. This is a joyous occasion for many reasons, not the least of which is that now decent hardworking Americans no longer need to live in fear of the highest .02 percent of the nation economic elite having their tax breaks rolled back. But, also, it means that we, as a nation, will be treated to a lot more of Michele Bachmann.

    Rep. Bachmann — who quite handily retained her seat last night — has not only made a name for herself these past few years as an outspoken advocate of weird things that come out of her head from time to time, but also as a standard-bearer for the grass roots tea party movement which was devised by high-ranking Republican politicians and libertarian billionaires last summer. But now, as a major player in the congressional majority party, we can expect so much more from her. And I like to think that this eerily zomborific interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthew from last night — the moment that most made me realize what we had just gotten ourselves into — is just the start of a lot more magic…

    That is amazing. That stare is mesmerizing. She is a Terminator R-MN, plowing through journalists' questions with her undead gaze fixed tight on her mimeographed set of daily talking points. She is the future of humanity. One day, we will all be this horrible.

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