• Why Is Everyone Making a Big Deal About John Boehner Crying?

    Okay, so the guy got a little weepy during his speech after learning that he would be the next Speaker of the House. It was an emotional moment. The guy obviously really cares about his country. He obviously has real convictions.

    Just look at the earnestness in his face when he starts breaking into tears…

    Whoops! My mistake. That wasn't John Boehner from two days ago, during election returns, getting teary-eyed while celebrating his party's regained control of the House. That was John Boehner from two years ago, during the Bush presidency, getting teary-eyed while begging his fellow congresspeople to vote for the Wall Street bailout that he just spent the past two years blaming on Barack Obama.

    I'm so sorry. I won't let this happen again.

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