• George W. Bush's Moral Philosophy Was Shaped by Fetus Brother in a Jar Obviously

    Look, I almost feel silly to be writing about this right now, because it's so normal and boring and not-southern-gothic-nightmare-material-that-could-very-easily-have-been-in-a-Faulkner-novel that I kind of don't know why I'm mentioning it. But, you know, it's kind of a slow news day, so what the hey.

    Former President George W. Bush is the man he is today because his mother — former First Lady Barbara Bush — presented him as a child with the inchoate partially-formed body of his prenatal sibling in a glass jar. Yawn…

    George W. Bush's pro-life stance solidified when he was a teenager in Texas — after his mother suffered a devastating miscarriage and showed him the fetus in a jar, the former president said in an extraordinary interview that airs tonight.

    "She said to her teenage kid, 'Here's the fetus,' " the shockingly candid Bush told NBC's Matt Lauer, gesturing as if he were holding the jar during the TV chat, a DVD of which The Post exclusively obtained.

    "There's no question that affected me, a philosophy that we should respect life," said the former president, who had to drive his distraught mother to the hospital at the time.

    I suppose it might also partially explain his aversion to raspberry beef jerky preserves.

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