• ZOMG! See George W. Bush On TOUR!

    As if the combo New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys tour weren't awesome ENUFF, another mega-hottie is coming to a town and/or teevee near you!

    Haha, J/K, as if he would really come to your local Borders. He'll just be on television and in your magazines (a few actually survive to this day, not unlike Osama bin Laden!) George W. Bush is emerging from the cave he shares with Gollum and Dick Cheney in order to tout his new book, Decision Points

    George W. Bush will end a self-imposed silence about his presidency in an NBC prime-time special on Monday, the eve of the release of his memoir, Decision Points. That the interviewer will be Matt Lauer, the co-host of the Today show, reveals calculations by Mr. Bush and his advisers, as well as a campaign by NBC.

    In the past, the first interview of a controversial ex-president would be expected to go to the nation’s top evening news anchor, currently NBC’s Brian Williams. By choosing the top morning anchor instead, both sides are essentially endorsing the soft power of Matt Lauer.

    So instead of going with one extremely handsome NBC on-air personality, Mr. Bush chose to go with…the other. Mr. Bush will undoubtedly choose the non-hot Jay Leno as his next target, and this will be like the second tower falling all over again for a devastated Brian Williams. How ever will Brian Williams recover from this terrible blow?

    Probably Mr. Bush would tell him to go shopping. Shopping heals all wounds!

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