• Charlie Rangel Narrowly Escapes Ethics Trial by Running Away

    Charlie Rangel has discovered the perfect way to get out of a congressional ethics trial hearing.

    Right through the front door

    Complaining bitterly that he was denied the right to have an attorney present, an emotional Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) walked out of his highly publicized public ethics trial Monday morning, an unexpected twist in the ethics inquiry has tarnished Rangel’s four-decade congressional career.

    The ethics panel, after an unexpected 40-minute private session, quickly rejected Rangel’s request to delay the trial… With Rangel out of the room, the trial went ahead as planned.

    Let them go ahead with the trial as planned. The fools! Their findings won't matter at all, so long as Rep. Rangel is safely hidden beneath his magic blanket under the desk fortress in his office. Hahahahahahahaha!

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