• Wisconsin Man Kills Innocent Television Set Over Injustice on Dancing with the Stars

    You know that old saying: Opinions are like shotguns. Everybody's got one which they use to shoot their television as a means of critiquing politics-driven dance-related reality television shows. (Wait, that might actually be a new saying.)

    [Steven] Cowan, 66, allegedly became so enraged by Palin's success that he actually fired a shotgun round into his television, triggering a 15-hour standoff with Wisconsin cops.

    According to a criminal complaint, Cowan's wife called police Monday evening to report that her husband had blasted the TV and was threatening to kill himself. Cowan, who had been drinking, became angry while watching Palin, 20, perform on the ABC program.

    As Palin, pictured at left, was dancing, Cowan "jumped up and swore, saying something to the effect of, 'The fucking politics.' Steven was upset that a political figure's daughter was dancing on this particular show when Steven did not think that she was a good dancer," the complaint notes.

    On the one hand, I can kind of empathize with this guy. I have, on a quite a few occasions, felt the desire to unload a double-barrel shotgun into my television set. Because, Jesus Christ, Have you seen the shit that comes out of that thing?! But, you know, that's one of the reasons why I don't keep shotguns lying around my living room. Just in case.

    But, on the other hand, we can't all work through our frustrations by engaging in 15-hour standoffs with Wisconsin cops. If we did, nothing would ever get done, especially not in Wisconsin. And I-94 would permanently gridlocked full of irate shotgun wielding maniacs looking for Wisconsin police. More so.

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