• Fox News People Caught Blaspheming the Name of Sarah Palin

    Look, I realize that every time I — or any other liberal blog-writing blogger on the blogonet — takes even the smallest amount of pleasure in any criticism of Sarah Palin's body of work, it feeds her more power. I know! I know that she is Vigo the Carpathian, from Ghostbusters 2, and my muffled laughter is sinking down through the floorboards of my house and seeping into the river of slime that flows across this nation and ultimately keeps her well-fed with the attention her ego so desperately needs. I know it!

    But I can't help it. I'm weak. So, when I see a bunch of dudes on Fox News nervously sitting in terrified silence as two female pundits gleefully revel in some shitty reviews for Sarah Palin's Alaska when they think they're not being filmed, what am I supposed to do? Not post it? I'm sorry, but you're just being insane

    And, thus, the river of slime grows in ferocity. Soon, we shall all be engulfed. But, until then, Hahahahahaha! Those people are all gonna die.

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