• Bush Library Might Feature "Mission Accomplished" Sign Because Huh?

    The George W. Bush Presidential Library is just about ready to get built, but they're still working out a few issues concerning how best to display the important memorabilia that defined Bush's eight years in office. Like, what's the best way to display non-existent WMDs? Would it be too tacky to plug Terri Schiavo back in for a lobby centerpiece? And should the waterboarding facilities be separated by gender?

    Oh, there's just so many things to consider

    As former president George W. Bush broke ground Tuesday in Dallas for his presidential library, officials weighed whether or not to display one item that few know is being held in storage there: the "Mission Accomplished" banner…

    The banner now sits in storage and will become part of the library's collection. A decision on how or whether to display the red-white-and-blue banner hasn't been made, said Alan Lowe, director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

    Hey, Bush is in the ex-Presidents club now. Why doesn't he just get on the horn with Bill Clinton and find out how he decided where in his own library to put the blue dress. Or ask Jimmy Carter how he settled on a place to keep the hostages. These are all important aspects of their presidencies, so I'm certain that a lot of thought went into decided how they should be represented in their vanity monuments.

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