• Ireland Is Totally Over Its Government

    Did you know that in Foreign Lands, the government is something you can just dissolve in the manner of an Alka-Seltzer tablet? It’s true! In fact, the Irish are doing it as we speak, prompting our Indecision Tweeter to make a culturally insensitive Tweet, because that is what bad people do when confronted with significant structural changes within the government apparatus.

    But whatever, let’s see what the New York Times has to say about these shenanigans

    Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen resisted calls for his resignation on Monday, vowing to stay in power long enough to pass an austerity budget needed for an EU/IMF bailout package, and then call an early election.

    Cowen came under acute pressure after the Green Party said it would quit the coalition after the budget if a January election was not called and opposition parties demanded a snap election be held even before the budget.

    Okay, first, apparently dissolving a government just means holding elections earlier than expected. Evs, boring.

    Second, HAHAHA, Ireland has a GREEN PARTY?! AHAHAHAHHAHA! Of COURSE it does! All the Green Party politicians’ speeches go like this: "Tweedley deedly deedly doo, tweedley deedly deedle!" and are set to a rousing jam featuring a 110-year-old man playing the spoons and a beautiful young Titian-haired lass playing the harp. Or maybe Ralph Nader is involved? Who knows? These filthy savages, with their illuminated manuscripts and their complex native language, are impossible to figure out!

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