• Non-President of Haiti Wyclef Jean to Release Album About Not Being President of Haiti

    If you're like me, then, for about two weeks, you were intensely interested in Wyclef Jean's attempt to take the obvious next step in his music and badly-managed charity concert-promoting career by being elected president of Haiti, and then you kind of started to lose interest because Port-au-Prince is quite a ways away from your apartment in Chicago. And then you totally forgot about it altogether.

    But then, just yesterday, a song from Jean's 1997 album The Carnival (you think it was "To All the Girls," but, ya know, it might have been "Bubblegoose") happened to pop up on your iPod while you were washing dishes and you suddenly thought to yourself, Oh shit! What the hell ever happened with that nonsense? and you went online and found out that Jean was barred from running for president of Haiti due to his candidacy "did not meet several legal requirements." (Is there a law against being a ridiculous joke candidate with no genuine qualifications who's hoping to use celebrity status to gain political power? We should get one of those laws. That sounds useful.)

    And then you further found out that Wyclef Jean was so sad about not being president of Haiti that he channeled all his emo into an album about the experience

    Wyclef Jean is set to release a six-track EP, If I Were President: My Haitian Experience, which draws on his time attempting to run for office in the country still trying to recover from January's earthquake… In a statement, the rapper talks of his hope that lead track 'Election Time' will inspire citizens everywhere to take an interest in politics.

    Unfortunately, his new album will almost certainly be barred from relevancy due to Jean's not meeting several requirements of being an interesting-enough musician this past decade or so.

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