• North Korea Working to Keep Its Reputation as "Provocative"

    Luckily for Barack Obama, there are no other matters that need his attention these days, so he's free to devote his time to shit like this

    President Barack Obama plans to call South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to discuss North Korea's artillery attack Tuesday on a disputed western maritime border between the countries.

    The U.S. will stand "shoulder-to-shoulder" with South Korea over the attack, White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said… Burton said the U.S. will work with global leaders in the coming days to figure how to best deal with North Korea's attack. Burton wouldn't say whether the attack was one of provocation.

    He said, however, "North Korea has a habit of doing things that are provocative."

    Like, there was the time that the totalitarian state did that performance art piece in which it invited people to come up onstage and cut away pieces of its clothes until it was left there totally naked and exposed.

    Oh, wait, no. That wasn't North Korea, it was Yoko Ono. I always get them confused. (Which one of them held a couple of American journalists hostage for two weeks again?)

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