• Shocking News! John McCain Still Opposed to Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    You guys are all being unreasonable about this. In light of the recently-released Pentagon report that gays serving opening in the military poses no likely harm to troops, everybody's pushing Congress to do what it would do if it received this information.

    But you can't rush John McCain on a thing like this. He's either a maverick or not a maverick depending upon which is cooler-sounding today. And it's not so much that he doesn't want to see DADT repealed. It's just that he'd rather see it repealed over his cold dead body

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned Thursday against a "rush to repeal" the 17-year-old law prohibiting homosexuals from serving openly in the military, despite a Pentagon study that concluded there was a low risk to the armed services from overturning the law…

    "I'm not saying this law should never change," McCain said in his opening statement. But he said Congress needed more time to consider the Pentagon study and the effect on the military of lifting the restriction on homosexuals, especially in combat units. "I am simply saying that it may be premature to make this change and in this manner without further consideration of this report."

    Yeah, come on, people? What's the rush? Okay sure, there's no officially absolutely no credible evidence that gays serving openly in the military would be dangerous for our troops. And yeah, there have always been gay soldiers since the invention of gays and soldiers. And alright, some people's lives are being ruined by this outdated bigotry-fueled policy that never made very much sense to begin with and has never been properly administered. And okay, I'll give you the fact that increasing majority of Americans would just like to see this silly law repealed so we can all stop arguing about it and get on with our lives.

    But besides all that, can you give me one good reason why we can't just wait another six or seven hundred years to act on this report? Just until we emerge from Western Civilization's coming Republican-approved Dark Age.

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