• Michael Steele Will Be Missed

    Michael Steele, the holy clown prince of the RNC, will render unto us mere mortals a very important verdict today (or that's pretty much everybody is speculating, anyway.) On this blessed day, it is hoped and expected that the Exalted One will tell us if he is going to run for a second term as RNC chariman.

    Tell us more, Talking Points Memo!

    In an email sent to RNC voting members last night, Steele announced a "private conference call" for the GOP leaders nationwide who will determine who leads the RNC for the next two years.

    Steele has yet to announce whether he'll seek a second term as the field of Republicans interested in replacing him fills up. Politico reports "key supporters" of Steele expect he'll decline to run again.

    Wait, Michael Steele still has "key supporters?" Wasn't the whole point of Michael Steele to serve as a "Hey, we like the blacks, too" counterpoint to the Obamafied White House? Isn't it time for the RNC to get back to doing what it does best: elevating cold, unfeeling white people to positions of great power? Perhaps! One legendary cold, unfeeling white person has given his blessing for a potential Steele replacement to enter the field of contenders…

    That field got one name longer Friday when former RNC deputy chair Mary Cino formally entered the race for chair. Cino's name has been floated for weeks, and her bid enjoys the support of Vice President Dick Cheney as well as other big names from the Bush era.

    If we've learned one thing in all our years on this earth, it's this: What Dick Cheney wants, Dick Cheney gets. So congratulations, future RNC chairperson Mary Cino! May you enjoy a scrumptious mid-January victory dinner catered by Halliburton and served on the backs of Iraqi slave-children.

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