• Virginia Federal Judge Rules Health Care Mandate Unconstitutional

    Hey, what's that one thing that people keep pointing to as a genuine accomplishment of the Obama presidency? Jeeze, it's right on the tip of my tongue. Was it stealth bear? No, that doesn't seem right.

    Oh wait, was it this thing which Virginia Republicans are in the process of dismantling?

    A federal judge in Virginia ruled Monday that a key provision of the nation's sweeping health-care overhaul is unconstitutional, the most significant legal setback so far for President Obama's signature domestic initiative.

    U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson found that Congress could not order individuals to buy health insurance. In a 42-page opinion, Hudson said the provision of the law that requires most individuals to get insurance or pay a fine by 2014 is an unprecedented expansion of federal power that cannot be supported by Congress's power to regulate interstate trade.

    Ergh! That's kind of a bummer, huh? But don't worry. U.S. House Republicans are aggressively fighting to keep another aspect of the health care law

    Republicans rebuffed a Democratic effort to repeal health reform’s universally panned 1099 IRS reporting requirements as a piggyback in the tax cut deal, congressional aides on both sides of the aisle confirm to POLITICO…

    "For all their talk about small businesses, it was stunning to see Republicans walk away from them when they had a chance to actually help," a Democratic congressional aide told POLITICO. "Rather than working to include 1099 repeal in the [tax-cut legislation], they actively refused in order to continue their political posturing."

    Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

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