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    Indecision's Twitter feed has been getting a lot of new subscribers lately — especially since twittraordinaire Jason Mustian joined our tweam recently — but we're still a tad shy of our goal (er, our gwoal?) of hitting 5,000 subscribers by year's end.

    Granted, your grandmother's Twitter feed already has more than 5,000 subscribers, but what is this, some sort of Twitter battle between us and your grandmother. (Besides, her tweets always so pandering, and about half the time they're ripoffs from Jay Leno's monologue the night before.)

    Anyway, I'm getting off track. Here's some recent highlights…

    John Boehner Tearfully Admits Chopped Onion Addiction

    Obama Plans to Raise $1 Billion For Reelection, or Give It to Top .0001% and Let Free Market Elect Him, Either Way

    If WikiLeaks ever reveals that we're secret allies with North Korea, there will be no living with Sarah Palin.

    Muhammad Ali Attends Bush Book Signing, Mistakenly Waterboarded

    Obama:"No campaign promise I haven't done or tried to do." RIGHT? I think Yoda said it best: "There is try, and also do, but trying counts"

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