• La Dolce Vita Still Belongs to Silvio Berlusconi (For Now)

    Some world leaders make the task look so dreary and dull. They bend over backwards to convince the masses that they are just regular folks, and in so doing they bore us into submission. Not Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi!

    This horny rascal is a media tycoon with a Murdochian hold on Italy's news media. He's also fond of endearing stunts like faux-humping a meter maid as she goes about her business. Oh, then there are the stories from prostitutes (at least one a teenager) alleging that Berlusconi paid them for sex and held lavish boning parties. And he recently defended himself by saying, "It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay."

    But Tuesday's two confidence votes on Berlusconi's government threatened to yank this wondrous PM out of public office! Thankfully, he and his center-right party survived both votes

    On Tuesday, the man who brought personality-driven politics to a nation once known for its revolving-door governments once again proved that his personal fate was inexorably entwined with that of his country’s.

    In spite of the victory, both were plunged into political uncertainty. With a three-vote majority, and with a breakaway group from his own coalition voting against him, Mr. Berlusconi no longer has the margin to govern. It is an open question whether he can broaden his majority through new alliances.

    He's probably throwing a giant bangin' orgy right now. Doing the tarantella with a naked underage hooker generally soothes any "political uncertainty." At least temporarily.

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