• Have You Heard the One About the DADT Repeal That the Senate Probably Won't Have Time to Pass?

    What do you get when you take 250 out of 425 congresspeople voting in favor of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell last night…

    …and add that to a couple of  Senate Republicans who are willing to break ranks from their party so that there are now more than enough votes this legislation get squeezed through Senate proceedings without fear of a GOP filibuster…

    …and then mix it all up with a new poll showing that 77 percent of Americans say gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military?

    Give up? You get a DADT repeal that still probably won't get passed this year!

    No one is really willing to say with certainty if there will be time for the Senate to consider the DADT repeal before the 111th Congress adjourns for good. With a Republican-controlled House and an increased Republican minority in the Senate coming in January, most say that failing to pass DADT now will mean the law stays in place for months if not years into the future…

    As for timing, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that's in the hands of the Republicans. In a strongly-worded statement released last night after the standalone vote, Reid expressed strong support for the standalone repeal measure (he's a co-sponsor) but also said that with Republicans threatening scheduling shenanigans to focus public attention on spending bills, he just can't be sure if there will be time for the Senate to take up DADT repeal again.

    Do you get it? Do you get it?

    You don't get it? You're telling me you don't see what's funny about that?

    Well, that's odd. This guy certainly does…

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