• North Korea Is Over Your Drama, South Korea

    You know how some people will just pick at you and pick at you and pick at you and then when you respond to their needling with a salvo of your own, they're all, "Jeez, SOMEONE's uptight?" This is precisely how North Korea engages in foreign policy, particularly with its neighbor and former bestie South Korea.

    Behold, North Korea's latest attempt at pretending to be the more mature one

    An ominous showdown between North and South Korea was forestalled Monday after the North withheld military retaliation to South Korea's live-fire artillery drills on an island the North shelled last month after similar drills.

    The North claims the island and surrounding waters and had threatened "brutal consequences beyond imagination" if the drills went forward. But a statement from the North's official news agency Monday night said it was "not worth reacting" to the exercise, and one by the North's military said, "The world should properly know who is the true champion of peace and who is the real provocateur of a war."

    Next up, North Korea plans to release a handwritten statement in bubbly cursive on notebook paper about how it's "just so over the drama" and "so above all this."

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