• Robert Gibbs Answers Your Questions with FIRE!

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs — who we saw earlier today making a personal appeal to Jon Stewart — is cuddly and would probably make a great snuggle partner in front of, say, a roaring fireplace. You could have Swiss Miss in mugs and wear matching Slankets as the snow fell outside and settled gently on the frozen ground. Perhaps a deer would pause outside your window, her breath crystallized in the air, and look in as you spooned with Gibbs and giggled over Jake Tapper's silly question the other morning or that weird tie that one dude from NPR always wears.

    Well, Average American, you're one step closer to making this popular fantasy a reality!

    Franklin Roosevelt. had his radio microphone. Robert Gibbs has a Web cam.

    But the current White House press secretary has borrowed a page from the former Democratic president, answering questions from the public in front of a crackling West Wing fireplace.

    Squeee! For those of you who are uneducated beasts and do not know about Great Moments in Radio History, FDR used to do these famous "fireside chats" in the '30s and '40s as a way to directly address citizens in their own homes. It was a far more intimate experience than reading a presidential address reprinted in the newspaper (these were sort of like blogs, but with "facts," and printed on the guts of trees).

    Now, Bobby Gibbs is doing them from his office, via the Twitterz and the YouTubes! So go on down to your local Twitter account and Tweet a question @PressSec! Ask him if he likes marshmallows in his hot chocolate. Whatever his response is, it will be dreamy.

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