• The Decision of Bill Richardson's Career — Should He Give Billy the Kid a Governor's Pardon?

    Former presidential contender and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has some incredibly important governoring to get done before he leaves office at the end of this week.

    It's the hard decisions like trying to decide whether or not cowboys who died more than a hundred years should be pardoned of their cowboy crimes that separate the governors from average nobodies like you and me

    Richardson, a Billy the Kid buff, is looking at an old promise by another governor, and not the Kid's cold-blooded reputation, in deciding whether to issue a posthumous pardon, officials said…

    [Territorial Gov. Lew Wallace] had promised to grant Bonney amnesty for the fatal shooting of Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady and other "misdeeds" if he agreed to testify before a grand jury investigating another murder. Bonney cooperated, but the pardon didn't happen…

    "I think he will take the responses into account, particularly the learned responses," Richardson's deputy chief of staff, Eric Witt, said Wednesday.

    Oh my! I hope those "learned responses" are "learned" enough. I would hate to imagine Gov. Richardson being forced to make a decision like this without the very pinnacle of cowboy expertise at his disposal.

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