• South Korea Is Just Not That into North Korea

    Did you awake this morn to a feeling of excitement fluttering around in your chest like a coked-out butterfly? Of course you did, because today South Korea released its biennial defense white paper! Around the globe, fans of white papers and kimchee and looming war are squealing with delight as they page through this fascinating and not-at-all gloomy document.

    Let's find the diamonds among this pile of precious jewels!

    The North Korean military, the world’s fourth-largest, has bolstered its special-forces units during the past two years and has deployed a new battle tank, called the Storm, while expanding its tank brigades.

    Well, that's uplifting. Anything else?

    Defense officials in Seoul said Thursday that the North had steadily upgraded its capabilities in asymmetric warfare and was better able to strike the South in unconventional and unpredictable ways. A rise in special-operations troops, to 200,000 from 180,000, was indicative of that shift in strategy.

    2011 is gonna be such an awesome year for Seoul and Pyongyang's tumultous, sexy relationship. If things go as expected, the U.S. military will get to dance at their wedding/mutual death match!

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