• Afghanistan Hasn't Quite Figured Out Democracy Just Yet

    Prepare yourself for the shock of your life: Some people think the last spate of elections in Afghanistan was corrupt, tainted, and all-around broken. Yes, even in the country of renowned populist hero Hamid Karzai, there is major distrust of the ethics and transparency of the voting process. Imagine Florida in 2000, only without Mickey Mouse, Miami Beach or freedom of speech. Or indoor plumbing.

    In order to address hundreds of complaints over the September elections (who has elections in September, anyway? weirdos), the Afghanistan Supreme Court has set up a five-judge panel

    The panel is the latest player in the tug of war lasting months over the vote, which was widely perceived as being seriously tainted by fraud and skewed by rampant insecurity that kept large numbers of people from the polls. The outcome left Pashtuns — Mr. Karzai’s ethnic group, as well as the Taliban’s main base — largely underrepresented, and the Karzai government has mounted repeated efforts to alter the official results, pushing the country toward a constitutional crisis.

    “The high court does have the authority to cancel the entire process in light of the national Constitution,” said the head of the special panel, Sediqullah Haqiq, at a news conference on Monday.

    In a country ruled in name by a U.S.-installed puppet government and ruled in fact by medieval-minded tribal warlords and misogynistic fundamentalist fascists, it should only take, oh, FOREVER to institute a reliable system of electing representatives.

    And so Afghanistan's adorable and inspiring Cinderella story continues. Uncle Sam hasn't looked this fabulous in his fairy godmother get-up since the days of the Shah in Iran!

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