• Everybody Hating Michael Steele May Stand in the Way of His RNC Chair Reelection Chances

    This news about the almost-certain ousting of Michael Steele is kind of bittersweet. On the one hand, it's never fun to watch somebody fail so spectacularly at something. On the other hand, that first hand was a lie

    A weeklong canvass of the party's governing board by POLITICO revealed 88 [of 168] members who have decided not to vote for Steele, either opting to support one of his opponents or simply ruling out Steele as a choice in the race.

    Fifty-five members, some of whom have endorsed one of Steele's challengers, have signaled that they will not support the chairman under any circumstances. An additional 33 pledged their support elsewhere…

    Further, whip counts kept by several of the chairman's opponents suggest the Anybody-but-Steele bloc could be even larger, including as many as 90 to 100 members.

    Generally speaking, when the "Anybody-but-[Blank]" bloc comprises close to 60 percent of the electorate, experts in politicaly stuff usually consider that to be a bad thing.

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