• The Daily Show's Best 9/11 First Responder Coverage

    This past weekend,President Obama took time out of his busy schedule of being Hawaiian to sign a bill which will have the unfortunate effect of giving health care to people risked their lives on our country's darkest day. I know! Total bummer, right!

    The $4.3 billion bill became a major point of contention in the waning days of the Congressional session. Republican senators blocked a more expensive House version, and as it appeared that the measure was going to die, the comedian Jon Stewart took up the cause, using his Comedy Central television program to advocate passage. Ultimately, the Senate approved the less expensive measure; the House quickly followed suit and sent the bill to the president.

    Here is the Daily Show coverage which many people say turned the tide and shamed the Senate into behaving like human beings…

    August 4, 2010: I Give Up – 9/11 Responders Bill

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