• Some Americans Favor Repealing Health Care Reform, Others Don't

    Health care reform legislation? Why, we haven't been subjected to idiots fighting about that in weeks! I feel so empty inside.

    Please, somebody rekindle that nonsense, stat!

    Americans do not strongly endorse the new Republican House majority's efforts to repeal the landmark healthcare legislation passed last year. A new Gallup poll finds that 46% of Americans want their representative in Congress to vote to repeal the healthcare law, 40% want their representative to vote to let the law stand, and 14% have no opinion

    The current poll finds the vast majority of Republicans, 78%, in favor of repealing the law, underscoring the degree to which the new Republican leadership is attempting to represent the views of its supporters. Meanwhile, Democrats oppose repeal (64%), but not to the same extent that Republicans favor it. Independents are almost evenly divided in their views, with a substantial proportion (18%) not having an opinion.

    Unfortunately for the 40 percent of Americans who oppose repealing the health care reform legislation, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives is going to repeal it. Sorry, but that is definitely definitely definitely going to happen. So, get ready to be sad.

    But, in also bad news for the 46 percent who favor repeal, House's decision is not going to make it through the Democrat-controlled Senate. And even if it did, it wouldn't get past President Obama's veto pen. So, my condolences to all of you for your imminent disappointment.

    However, good news for the 14 percent who have no opinion, because you all have no say! So, sit back and enjoy your complete lack of power or responsibility.

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