• Governor of Maine Invites Butt Affection Over MLK Day

    Last week, the governor of Maine told a reporter to convey the sentiment that the state's chapter of the NAACP could "kiss my butt." What exactly provoked this sensual and erotic declaration?

    Gov. Paul LePage, a businessman who this month became Maine's first Republican governor in 16 years, declined to attend or send a representative to a Martin Luther King Day event. When sponsors complained, LePage told a reporter Friday: "Tell them to kiss my butt."

    LePage retreated slightly the next day, saying he would be happy to meet with civil rights leaders to talk about the needs for all the people.

    Oh, the brand-new governor will surely rue the day he chose to speak so frankly! Surely the hue and cry from Maine's ginormous black population will ruin LePage's chances for reelection.

    Still, it helps to take into account that LePage, the eldest of 18 children born to a French-speaking family in rural Maine, probably has no idea what a Martin Luther King is.

    He does, however have an adopted black son, which adds an extra layer of weird to this tale.

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