• House Votes to Pretend to Take Away Your Healthcare

    The House of Representatives is to the Senate as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The House votes for ridiculous shit, and the Senate occasionally votes for actually important things.

    Carrying this analogy one step further, Wednesday's House vote to repeal health care carried the same weight as the HFPA's vote to nominate The Tourist for, um, anything…

    The House voted Wednesday to repeal the Democrats’ landmark health care overhaul, marking what the new Republican majority in the chamber hailed as the fulfillment of a campaign promise and the start of an all-out effort to dismantle President Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.

    The vote was 245 to 189, with 3 Democrats joining all 242 Republicans in support of the repeal.

    Leaders of the Democratic-controlled Senate have said that they will not act on the repeal measure, effectively scuttling it.

    It's always adorable when the Senate reminds the House, "You're just a ginormous receptacle for Americans who actually believe in the delusion of representative democracy."

    And that's exactly what is about to unfold in 2011 — probably more than once.

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