• It Somehow Took a Whole Day for Rahm Emanuel's Name to Be Returned to the Ballot

    Seems like it was only yesterday that former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's name was ordered by an appeals court to be removed from Chicago mayoral ballots. We were all so much younger and full of wonder back then, remember? Who could have thought that a thing like this could happen to a member of the Chicago Democratic royalty?

    Some might say that we were naive in thinking that Emanuel might not get exactly what he wanted in his city, but I say that we were innocent

    The Illinois Supreme Court will hear Rahm Emanuel's appeal to remain on the ballot in the Chicago mayor's race.

    The court granted a motion by the former White House chief of staff seeking an expedited hearing on his residency case… It will hear the case without oral arguments or new briefs, allowing for a faster ruling on the matter. The quick proceedings are necessary, with the race less than a month away and early voting set to begin next Monday.

    It was the second break in a matter of hours for Emanuel. The court ruled earlier Tuesday that no ballots may be printed without his name, at least not until the court has dealt with the appeal.

    Now, with the benefit of the tens of hours of maturity we've all gained since yesterday's heartbreak and tribulation, I'm finding it hard to believe that it took an entire 24 hours for this road bump to get smoothed over. That's just unacceptable.

    Can't say I'm disappointed about the decision, current resident of Chicago as I am. The incessant stream of wailing profanities that has been ringing throughout the city had been getting somewhat unnerving.

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