• Mitch McConnell Is So Over Bipartisan SOTU Seating

    Seriously, girls, Mitch McConnell could not care less about this stupid effing call for Democrats and Republicans to sit together at the State of the Union address. And he wants you to know why

    "I mean the seating arrangement at the SOTU in the end is going to mean absolutely nothing," McConnell told a gathering of journalists and DC observer-types gathered by Politico this morning. "The question is can we come together on substantive issues."

    Then, just like any other bitchy high school girl, he made with the sarcasm…

    "I think from the president's point of view it ends up being distracting because cameras may be for example on teams that are sitting around in the audience. 'Who's sitting with who? My goodness there's Sen. Gillibrand [D-NY] sitting with Senator Thune [R-SD]!'"

    Well, maybe it doesn't mean anything to Mitch McConnell, but it means something to some of us! Some of us having been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the SOTU seating arrangements since forever ago. Some of us have a lot riding on who sits with whom. Some of us are going to have to pay a very big, very mean loan shark tons and tons of our hard-earned ducats if Krissy Gillibrand doesn't sit with Johnny Thune, and we're having a really hard time laughing about this whole thing, okay, Mitch?!?!?!

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