• That "Macaca" Guy Wants His Senate Seat Back

    It may be hard to fathom this at the moment, but there's actually more to former Sen. George Allen than just confederate flag bumper stickers, photo ops with white supremacists and severed deer heads shoved into mailboxes. Oh, yes, there is. There is also a heap of unrealized presidential dreams.

    There was a time when he was actually spoken of by real life journalists as an genuine front runner for the '08 GOP nominations. All he had to do to secure his prominent spot on the dais was hold onto senate seat in '06. Which should have been easy for a good-looking, broad-shouldered popular guy such as Allen. Except that then his mouth opened up and expelled the word "macaca" onto us. And everything went downhill from there.

    But, hey, that was three whole election cycles ago. We have since acquired (and lost) a female Speaker of the House, elected a black man into the White House and had a nationwide Tea Party. The board is cleared, and the time might just be right for George Allen's triumphant comeback

    George Allen lost his Virginia Senate seat and his presidential aspirations in 2006 to a no-name in combat boots, and he's decided he'd like one or both back. Allen, a former governor narrowly ousted by Jim Webb after his infamous "macaca" moment was picked up on tape, announced [yesterday]  that he'll run for Webb's seat in 2012.

    "Friends, it’s time for an American comeback," he said in a message on his website, adding that 2012 would decide whether "the American dream will continue to decline or begin to ascend again."

    It's kind of weird to consider an alternative universe in which this guy would spend 2012 defending his seat in the White House instead of fighting for his old seat back in the Senate. Interestingly, there's also probably an alternative universe in which he is currently married to Oprah Winfrey. (That, admittedly, is a pretty weird universe.)

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