• Severe Risk of Terror Alert System Being Thrown in the Garbage

    Oh no! The terror alert system that I don't think I even realized that we were still using is being phased out

    By the end of April, terror threats to the U.S. will no longer be described in shades of green, blue, yellow, orange and red, The Associated Press has learned.

    The nation's color-coded terror warning system will be phased out beginning this week, according to government officials familiar with the plan. The officials requested anonymity to speak ahead of an announcement scheduled Thursday by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    This is a travesty! No! No!!! How will I know when to be confused and vaguely concerned about menacing abstractions?

    The Obama administration will take the next three months to roll out a replacement, which will be called the National Terrorism Advisory System. The new plan calls for notifying specific audiences about specific threats. In some cases, it might be a one-page threat description sent to law enforcement officials describing the threat, what law enforcement needs to do about it and what the federal government is doing, one of the officials said.

    When agency officials think there is a threat the public should know about, they will issue an announcement and rely on news organizations and social media outlets to get the word out.

    That's not actually a bad idea. If "news organizations and social media outlets" can "get the word out" about a bomb threat in Times Square as fast as they get the word out about secret footage of Barack Obama pledging allegiance to the Kenyan flag or a homeless lady who juggles real good, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

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