• Utah Now Has a State Gun to Go Along with Its State Cooking Pot

    Well hey, kids! It sure does seem like everyone's doing a lot of grown-up talking about guns lately, doesn't it? Some people are being very serious about it, by trying enact federal gun control laws.

    Other people — like Utah's state congress — are being very very serious about it, by decided to enact… a Gun Appreciation Day! Hooray!

    Yes, a committee in the Utah House of Representatives voted 9 to 2 this week to approve a bill that would add the Browning pistol to the pantheon of official state things, along with the bird (seagull), rock (coal) and dance (square). Also, although it really has nothing to do with this discussion, I have to mention that the Utah Legislature has provided its citizens with an official state cooking pot, and it is the Dutch oven.

    "This firearm is Utah," Representative Carl Wimmer, the Browning bill’s sponsor, told The Salt Lake Tribune… Capitol observers say the Browning bill has an excellent chance of becoming law.

    Since Carl Wimmer is anti-abortion and anti-family planning, perhaps this gun celebration is just his real Amurican way of keeping the state's population down.

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