• Egypt Unplugs the Internet to Quell Protests

    If you're reading this blog in Egypt right now, no you're not

    To combat social media, another important weapon for the demonstrators, outside experts and people living in the country say the government has coordinated a blockage of certain communications websites and unplugged internet access entirely to parts of the country.

    On Thursday, protesters active on Twitter and Facebook, publicly documenting demonstrations on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities, went quiet. Around the same time, many websites centralized on servers in Egypt disappeared.

    Very tactically sound decision, Egypt. If there's one thing that calms people and puts them in a docile and almost-hypnotic state in which they are willing to sit nearly motionless for hours on end, it's the removal of the Internet. As a matter of fact, I remember the last time my Internet went down, I ended made a zen garden. So, so peaceful.

    I'm actually looking forward to when Joe Lieberman gets his Presidential Internet Shut-Down Bill goes into effect so that our own President can turn off all our service whenever he feels like it.

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