• Illinois Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Rahm Emanuel

    It's been a crazy half-of-a-week, but long-suffering Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel is finally back on the ballot and back on track to realize his several-month-long dream of ruling his native city

    The ballot roller coaster for Rahm Emanuel finally stopped Thursday with the former White House chief of staff very much in the race for mayor and the Illinois Supreme Court emphatically rejecting a contentious challenge to his Chicago residency.

    Within minutes of the high court ruling, Emanuel was back shaking hands with voters, taking a congratulatory call from his old boss, President Barack Obama, and working to recapture an aura of invincibility he had worked hard to project until an Appellate Court ruling threatened to boot him from the Feb. 22 contest.

    The New York Times' Caucus blog speculates on the possible fall-out from these few days of highly-publicized debate

    Some Chicagoans suggested that the incident might tarnish Mr. Emanuel’s campaign, repeatedly reminding voters that there had been a question about Mr. Emanuel’s legal status as a resident of this city — and, perhaps, a more psychic question about whether Mr. Emanuel was really as fully steeped in Chicago as, say, Richard M. Daley, the departing mayor, who was nothing if not a Chicagoan. Mr. Emanuel, who was born in Chicago, lived in the suburbs during some of his youth and, as a Congressman from Chicago, spent time in Washington even before he worked there as White House chief of staff.

    So, wait. The implication here is that because he lived part-time in Washington D.C. for a few years while representing Chicago in the U.S. House of Representatives and then spent two years living there full-time while working for a President from Chicago, with a White House staff plucked, almost in total, from the world of Chicago politics, that somehow makes him less of a Chicagoan?

    That's not leaving Chicago; that's colonizing the rest of the country.

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