• Entire State of South Dakota to Arm Itself

    I don't know about you, but there are few things in the world that make me feel more safe and at ease than the notion of a fully armed Dakota

    A group of South Dakota lawmakers have introduced a bill mandating that every citizen in their state over the age of 21 purchase a firearm, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports.

    Under the bill, the firearm would reportedly have to be "sufficient to provide for their ordinary self-defense" and residents would have six months to buy one after the law takes effect. The only people exempted would be those legally prohibited from owning a firearm.

    This is kind of crazy, isn't it? I mean, what percentage of South Dakota's residents even recognize state law? I think last I read, 70 percent of citizens believed their home and front yard constituted autonomous nation-states of which they were unquestioned potentates. The government knows better than to try to force those people to buy a gun. They'll get their heads blown off.

    If this sounds too crazy to be true, it is — sort of. The lawmakers told the Argus Leader they know the bill won't pass and introduced it only to make a point related to the individual mandate in last year's sweeping health care reform law. The mandate, which goes into effect in 2014, requires that all Americans purchase health insurance or pay a fine.

    Oh! It's about health care reform! Very clever, South Dakota. Very clever indeed.

    And just as mandated heath care would theoretically cut down on cut down on tax payers' expense by lifting the burden of the government to cover uninsured emergency room visits, mandated gun ownership would theoretically cut down on tax payers' expense by lifting the burden of the government to pay for a police force. We can just go back to frontier days justice.

    Plus, we can also go back to frontier day medicine and just shoot all the sick people.

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