• EPA To Eliminate Rocket Fuel-Flavored Water

    In its quest to remain decades behind the recommendations of environmental scientists, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to set restrictions on a whole bunch of poisonous chemicals found in drinking water. What a marvelous occasion for rejoicing! This is undeniably a 100% good thing!

    Now let's learn more about their plans for a poisonous compound called perchlorate

    Perchlorate can occur naturally, but high concentrations have been found near military installations where it was used in rocket testing and around places where fireworks, flares and solid propellants are made. Researchers have found that it may impair the functioning of the thyroid, potentially stunting the growth of fetuses, infants and children.

    The military contractors who use the chemical have balked at tighter regulation, saying that substitutes are more expensive.

    Wait just a g.d. minute. Perchlorate comes from rocket fuel? In that case, regulating it would put a chokehold on the hardworking military contractors who toil day in and day out to develop human jet packs! Without perchlorate, how will the military develop a jet pack prototype that will eventually be adapted for sale on the civilian market, a la the Hummer?

    This is outrageous! The EPA must be stopped! (Shouldn't be hard.)

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