• George W. Bush Is Concerned That America Might Be Getting Too Full of Ism

    During a Q&A session before a bunch of students at Southern Methodist University recently, former President George W. Bush — who, say what you will about him, was most decidedly not an isolationist — expressed his concerns about some insidious "isms" that seem to be welling up in one of the two major political movements in America these days…

    The quote

    "What's interesting about our country, if you study history, is that there are some 'isms' that occasionally pop up. One is isolationism and its evil twin protectionism and its evil triplet nativism. So if you study the '20s, for example, there was an American-first policy that said, 'Who cares what happens in Europe?'" Bush said.

    "And there was an immigration policy that I think during this period argued we had too many Jews and too many Italians, therefore we should have no immigrants. And my point is that we've been through this kind of period of isolationism, protectionism and nativism. I'm a little concerned that we may be going through the same period. I hope that these 'isms' pass."

    Funny. As I was watching this, I found myself feeling somewhat impressed that he seemed to know so much about American history and foreign policy. Then I thought, Well, he was the President of the United States for about eight years. (I'm sure that at some point during that time someone must have filled him in.)

    Think about all the people who could be our next president. Now, how many of them do you really think could even speak this intelligently about this?

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