• Is Mike Huckabee Too Well-Adjusted to Be President?

    Let's just be clear about something: There is plenty of room inside the clown car! There is no need for Mike Huckabee to start making hemming and hawing and making excuses to get out of the clown car and make room for other, more desperate, clowns

    The man who came in second in the 2008 GOP primaries isn't exactly ruling out another run in 2012. But he doesn't sound all that eager to jump right back into the fray, either.

    "I'm not one who thinks the future of the world is depending on whether I run for president," the former Arkansas governor said in an interview…

    It would indeed be tough for Huckabee to return to that budget-motel existence in Dubuque and Ottumwa, now that he is a bona fide media star. Thanks in large part to the celebrity he built in that losing presidential campaign, the former Baptist preacher is making serious money. Huckabee's various gigs include a weekly television show on Fox News, Paul Harvey-style commentaries on some 600 radio stations and a packed schedule of speaking engagements. In June, he'll be headlining a week-long cruise to Alaska…

    "It could be that I've found my niche," he said. "I may be doing what I need to be doing, which is very fulfilling."

    Ugh. Very depressing news. But I suppose it's just as well. If he is in fact happy and fulfilled, then he is definitely not cut out to govern this country.

    Who knows though, maybe he'll fall into a deep existential depression and find himself bloated with self-loathing between now and the Iowa caucuses. It can't hurt to dream.

    (via New York)

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