• John Boehner to Use House of Representatives to Fight Gay People

    Don't worry, gay people. Just because President Obama doesn't care enough to fight to keep you lovingly subjugated anymore, doesn't mean that nobody does.

    Like, take John Boehner and his Congressional Republicans. Even after everybody else has long since stopped worrying about what you do with your lives, they will. They'll never stop. Never ever ever never ever

    The House is likely to take steps to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in an interview posted Monday.

    Boehner, the leader of the Republican-held House, said he and and his members are considering a number of options to defend DOMA after President Obama ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the 1990s law in court.

    "I'd be very surprised if the House didn’t decide that they were going to defend the law," Boehner said on "The Brody File" of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    Aw, those guys. It must make you feel warm inside to know that one group of people is so utterly fixated on how you live your lives. It's really pretty sweet.

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