• Arizona to Let People Die to Reduce Deficit

    You didn't believe them when they said state-run death panels were coming to America! You laughed at their supposedly-baseless Cassandra-like warnings of lives being coldly discarded by heartless government employees!

    Well, don't you look silly now

    It is a decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to stop funding for some organ transplants as the state struggles to reduce a yawning budget deficit…

    The measure enacted last October by Brewer trimmed spending on Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program, to help close a projected 2012 budget deficit of $1.15 billion.

    It eliminated coverage for transplants including lung, heart, liver and bone marrow after weighing the success and survival rates for certain transplant procedures.

    Good idea! I wonder how many dollars they'll save per human life destroyed. What is the going rate for humanity these days anyway? I don't mean the important prenatal form, but the useless post-born poor-people kind.

    (via Reddit)

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