• Sacre Bleu! Le Chirac on Ze Trial?

    The forces of evil have set upon former French president Jacques Chirac. Though Chirac’s attorneys are appealing, the gent in question may be forced to stand the indignity of a trial for "corruption," which is a stupid word meaning “seriously no big deal.” Porquoi, you ask?

    Well, if you must know, he's been accused of maybe making some kinda not-so-ethical moves when he was the mayor of Paris

    The 78-year-old former president is accused of embezzling public money to fund his political party while he was mayor of Paris between 1977 and 1995, the year he was elected to his first term as president. Specific allegations are that Chirac used city money to pay 28 phantom employees for his own political purposes.

    Chirac has denied any wrongdoing, saying that France had no clear laws on party financing at the time.

    Does there really need to be a law that says you can't use public funds to pay people for doing jobs that don't actually exist? This and other pertinent questions may never be answered, as the trial has been delayed on appeal.

    So, to Jacques Chirac, we offer a hearty congratulations on probably never being prosecuted for something you probably totally did! In the words of our nation's own drunken, party-hearty descendants of the French, "Laissez les bontemps rouler!"

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