• NPR Executive Caught on Tape Being All Liberally and Stuff

    It's a well known fact that Republicans can't stand the radio show Wait, Wait… Don't Tell Me, think This American Life should change its name to This Liberal Socialist Atheist Blame-America-First Hybrid-Car-Driving Life, and feel that Terry Gross' name is just perfect the way it is.

    That's why they're dying to stop federal funds — that could be used for useful things like a third-war in the Middle East or Army advertisements on NASCAR stock cars — from going to the non-profit radio station.

    Well, today, they got a big present from their favorite pimp

    NPR was jolted Tuesday by the release of a videotape that showed one of the organization's fund-raising executives repeatedly criticizing conservatives and Tea Party supporters.

    The executive, Ron Schiller, was recorded secretly by the Republican filmmaker and mischief-maker James O'Keefe. On the videotape, Mr. Schiller calls Tea Party supporters "seriously racist, racist people," and says, "In my personal opinion, liberals today might be more educated, fair and balanced than conservatives."

    At some point in the secretly-recorded video, he even says things that some people might dispute.

    The release of the video comes at a sensitive time for NPR. Republicans in Congress who view NPR as biased are trying to cut federal funding for its local stations across the country. They are likely to seize on the video as further evidence of their views and further reason to reduce funding for the stations.

    Ron Schiller has already left NPR to go and fuck up bigger and more important things, so it's unclear how much this media bomb will affect NPR.

    And by "unclear," I mean, "Remember when we used to have a thing called NPR?"

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