• Gov. Scott Walker Heroically Rids Public Employees of Their Rights

    Well, this officially just happened

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has officially taken away nearly all collective bargaining rights from the vast majority of the state's public employees.

    Walker signed the bill to do so privately Friday morning…

    Walker has said if the bill didn't pass up to 1,500 state workers could be laid off. He rescinded the layoff notices Friday morning.

    Oh, well, in that case. I didn't realize that the jobs of 1,500 that he was planning to fire hung in the sway, and that the only way to save them was to strip the rights away from every other public employee in the state. This changes everything. Of course, this makes perfect sense. How could the state afford to keep those 1,500 people employed while other people had collective bargaining rights. It wouldn't be possible. That's the answer. Because of, you know… science and stuff.

    I sure hope Gov. Walker doesn't come to the conclusion that the state is in danger of being attacked by a Minotaur. Who knows what rights Wisconsinians have to surrender to protect themselves from that horror.

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