• Now Idaho Hates Teachers, Too!

    Idaho GOP members have joined their Midwestern brethren's noble mission to fuck each and every public school teacher in his or her underpaid bum-bum. Perhaps when you are a fundamentalist nutball who homeschools all your children, the funding of public schools is maybe not at the top of your list. After all, you've got the Rapture to consider!

    Let's take a peek at what the potato-fueled geniuses in Idaho are up to now

    A bill that would phase out tenure for new teachers and restrict collective bargaining on their salaries and benefits is on its way to the Idaho governor.

    The GOP-backed measure cleared its final hurdle Tuesday in the state Legislature, where it passed the Idaho House on a 48-22 vote. Nine Republicans crossed party lines to oppose the bill.

    So, the Idaho Education Association is maybe not as psyched about this as Idaho Republicans. We can't imagine why.

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