• We Have/Want to Believe That Sarah Palin Can Win the GOP Nomination

    Have your spirits been dropping recently, following Sarah Palin's dwindling prospects of become the first Queen of America? Do you find yourself ill-prepared to enter into a primary season that does not even hold the hope of Palin/Obama debates and all the hilarity that would extend?

    Well, buck up, because Republican former Sen. Judd Gregg has read the tea leaves and can still as yet foresee a path for our heroine in this frontrunner-less GOP field

    [T]he Democratic Party’s nomination process of 2008, which was the most extended and competitive contest of recent times, might look like child’s play compared to the Republican enterprise of 2012. It is plausible that the most likely scenario will be that this could be the first convention since 1952 in which no one really knows who is going to be the nominee going into the hall.

    Because the nominating process has become so dominated by primary elections, with the vast majority of the delegates chosen by direct vote, it is entirely possible that with no presumptive winner or even favorites, a candidate who runs second or third in a great many primaries could go into the convention with a sizable block of delegates.

    Who would this favor? Does Sarah Palin come to mind? Although she is not viewed by most as strong enough to win, she is viewed by many as a person worth voting for to make a statement. And primaries tend to be populated by people who go to the polls with the purpose of making a statement.

    It all just seems like such a wonderful dream. Can it really be true?

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