• Glenn Beck Clearly Is Clearly Just Effing with Us at This Point

    No sooner does he leave us all gape-mouthed by doing a thing like this

    Beck said he had been cautious about airing video from O'Keefe’s biggest previous sting, which targeted the liberal community organizing group ACORN, explaining "we wanted the raw video because we wanted to make sure that nothing has been taken out of context. I'm not going to Shirley Sherrod someone" — a reference to Breitbart’s posting of video excerpts that seemed to show an African American Department of Agriculture official in a speech expressing racist sentiments that – more complete video footage showed – she was actually renouncing.

    "And not that I question James or anything else, I just want to make sure that it's right and that's what we did with The Blaze — just make sure that it’s right," Beck said on the radio Monday.

    Then he follows it up by doing a thing like this

    Speaking [of the earthquake in Japan] on his radio show Monday, Beck said, "I'm not saying God is, you know, causing earthquakes," before quickly adding, "I'm not not saying that either."

    He then said that whatever one called God, "there's a message being sent. And that is, 'Hey, you know that stuff we're doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it.' I'm just saying."

    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that he's getting the impression that we're desensitized to nonsensical things he says, so he has to throw in a few sensical things just to keep us on our toes.

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