• House Republicans Somehow Find It in Their Hearts to Raise Taxes for Women

    So, here is what we have learned from Republicans thus far: Raising taxes is always always always 100 percent of the time a terrible un-American thing with absolutely no exceptions… with one exception.

    When it's designed to curtail the rights of women

    House Republicans’ efforts to limit government funding for abortion are colliding with their emphasis on tax cuts, underscoring potential conflicts between the party’s social and fiscal agendas.

    A Republican bill that would cut taxpayer funding for abortion aims to prevent women from using itemized medical deductions, certain tax-advantaged health care accounts or tax credits included in last year’s health care law to pay for abortions or for health insurance plans that cover abortion…

    The tax provisions raise a more complicated question because they would generate more money for the government. If a woman cannot use the itemized medical deduction — which is available for expenses exceeding 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income — for an abortion, she would pay more in taxes than she would have otherwise.

    And people say Republicans aren't willing to make concessions.

    (via Wonk Room)

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