• Arizona Rejects Bills to Make It Worst Neighbor Ever

    by Brian Kraker

    Arizona took a break from sitting on its stoop and shouting obscenities at anyone nearby to reject five bills aimed at making life more difficult for illegal immigrants. Although having a right wing majority in the state senate, Republicans were split over issues such as laws against the automatic citizenship for American-born children of illegal immigrants.

    After passing legislation last year that requires immigrants to carry documentation and permits police officers to detain anyone they believe is illegal, Arizona took a page out of the pre-school playbook with these new bills

    One of the bills would have required hospitals to report people who lack insurance and cannot demonstrate legal status. Another would require schools to report on enrollments of illegal immigrant students.

    It appears nobody told Arizona that no one likes a tattle tail. To keep with the elementary school theme, maybe Arizona should consider placing illegal immigrants in the corner for a 15-minute time-out or removing recess privileges.

    Personally, I think further legislation on the issue could be avoided, if someone would just give Arizona a nap and a carton of chocolate milk.

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